Riviera_Stones Installation Guide

Riviera_Stones Installation Guide

Outdoor Installation For Residential Application

Installation Instructions Including but Not Limited to:

Personal Protective Equipment

Wear appropriate personal protective equipment including work shoes, glasses, dust mask, gloves and other safety items.

Tools Required

 Measuring tape

 Mini Excavator or Skid Steers

 Straight trowel

 Diamond tipped Saw

 Bucket

 Tuck pointer

 Sponge Level

 Rubber Mallet


 Inspect material prior to installation for any defects.

 Before laying flagstones randomly select & mix stones from several packs to minimize colour banding.

 Layout the area as per your design including level.

 Slope always away from your house walls and structures.

Laying out Flagstones

• Excavate 12” to 16” inches deep depending upon grading using mini excavator or skid steers as required.

• Prepare base using open grade gravel to 8” to 12” inches surface thickness or as needed.

• Wet- set method: Over base gravel prepare full bed of 2” inches thick sand & cement mortar to support entire flagstones, not just corners.

• Cement mortar should be prepared according to manufacturer’s recommendation.

* Dry – laid method can also be used for installation depending upon location.

• Use rubber mallet to tap it down for correct level.

• Joints should be filled with pointed mortar or sealants .

• Brushed off any excess mortar from stone surface.

• Keep off the new patio for 24 to 36 hours weather permitting for initial setting of mortar.

• Clean patio with garden hose water to remove any construction debris.

• Riviera Stones Inc. is not liable for any damages caused due to faulty installation.

• Above guideline is for general information only

• Buyer to retain contractor or use their own judgement for installation of stones.

• For any further information please contact office .

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  • info@rivierastones.com